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CORPORATE OFFERS - Is a leading provider of exclusive benefits, special offers and corporate perks for employees working for large corporations, mid-size businesses and approved institutions in North America.

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Corporate Offers Provides Discount Offers to Employees of Large Corporations

Discount Offers Provided To Employees

We provide employees with discounts and special benefits to a wide variety of products and services. These offers include Broadway shows, sports events, food and restaurant discounts, gifts, ski tickets, travel, car rentals, shopping, attractions, movie theatre tickets, comedy shows, Disney tickets, Orlando destination, parking and ski tickets.

Exclusive & Free Service To Corporations

This employee benefit service is provided at no cost to the employer. In addition, we do not tack on additional charges, fees, shipping or otherwise to the transaction cost. We are paid by the offer producer to bring employees of specific corporations exclusive offers that cannot be found elsewhere. These offers are only available through this service.

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How Employees Access Our Service

To access the employee offers on Corporate Offers employees must be currently employed by an approved corporation or institution. To be authenticated to our system, employees must use their employer's computer network to access their employee benefits on This connection can be local network or a remote connection through a VPN connection.

  Why Vendors Like Our Solution

Vendors are able to increase their sales numbers by leveraging an alternative distribution channel. Our channel is able to reach individuals that the vendor cannot reach through regular mechanisms. In our new channel vendors can discount a product without sacrificing existing sales in other channels. Corporate Offers is perfectly poised to provide vendors this discreet market.

  Why Employees Love These Benefits

Corporate employees this employee benefit service because of its simplicity in delivering employee benefits to the employee's desktop. Employees can access their exclusive benefits from both local and remote locations and have access to 24/7 support. Employers can fine-tune what benefits they would like to allow their employees to see.

How Good Are The Offers?

Our offers are always the best. We don't just say that, we really mean it. If we find comparable offers outside our network, then we press the vendor for a better deal or we just drop the offer. That is how fanatical we really are to bring you only the best offers.

  Employers Overwhelmed With Choices

Employers often have many choices when determining which organizations to partner with to provide their benefits to employees. Corporate Offers provides a mechanism to deliver non-intrusive offers to their employees that are both exclusive and valuable in nature.

  Service Keeps Employees Motivated

Our free service keeps employees motivated because they feel that they now have access to something that they would not ordinarily have access to unless they are working for their current employer. Workers feel better cared for and employers receive positive feedback from those employees.