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Corporate Hamilton Tickets - Discounts, Face Value and Ticket Brokers

Various strategies to get corporate tickets to Hamilton, now the most popular show ever on Broadway

Top 10 Ways To Get Hamilton Tickets

Top 10 Best Ways To Get Hamilton Tickets

  1. Buy Face Value Tickets A Year In Advance
  2. Take out a second mortgage and buy secondary market tickets from Ticketmaster
  3. Wait on line outside the theatre for a few hours and buy cancellation tickets for face value
  4. Wait on line outside the theatre for a few hours and buy SRO Standing Room or unclaimed lottery tickets for $40
  5. Enter the online Hamilton lottery and pay $10 for great seats if you win
  6. Buy ticket broker tickets on Stubhub the day-of-the-show, when brokers are dumping them, close to face value
  7. See Hamilton in the other fixed cities like London or Chicago.
  8. Get Hamilton tickets to the traveling Hamilton show covering a multitude of US cities
  9. Forget Hamilton and go and see Spamilton instead, for less than $60
  Face-Value Hamilton Tickets From Box Office

Hamilton On Broadway - Current Ticket Availability - Summary

It's no secret that Hamilton is the most popular show ever on Broadway. Being the recent winner of 11 TONY Awards (after being nominated for a record 16 nominations), Hamilton has become the Broadway show that everyone wants to see, but given the limited ticket inventory, not everyone will be able to. The show has been sold out for the last year and ticket inventory can be hard to come by, especially for corporations looking to reward employees or trying to provide a gift for a visiting business client. Following the TONY Awards in June 2016, ticket sales of Hamilton tickets reached an unprecedented fever pitch with the FOMO (Fear of missing out) driving the demand. The show creator and main star, Lin-Manuel Miranda and many other stars of the show, have already left Hamilton, which created a bubble for ticket sales for their last shows. Ticket brokers were asking about $4000 per ticket, with the top price ticket for his last show, for the best seat in the house, running at $24,000. Those crazy prices are now, thankfully, a thing of the past and fans can now see the show at much more reasonable rates.

The regular face value prices for Hamilton run from $139 for mezzanine tickets, orchestra is at $249 and the premium seat price was recently raised from $456 to $549. Ticket brokers are charging much less than they have in the past, south of $500 for any tickets to the show. The problem with face value tickets are that although the prices are quite reasonable, there are far more buyers than ticket inventory allows and the show is sold out for nine months in advance. You cannot buy tickets any further out than nine months. The lack of ticket inventory allows ticket brokers to leverage the ticket market to make large profits with audiences still clamoring to get into the show.

Many changes are afoot with Hamilton that have now freed up ticket inventory. The changes include:

  • All the main stars left the show on July 9, 2016
  • The Chicago show opens September 2016
  • The London version is opening in 2017 with Lin-Manuel Miranda in the cast, tickets go on sale this year.
  • Increase in daily lottery tickets available at the Broadway show, with double the lottery inventory slated for 2017

Our Hamilton Ticket Buying Recommendation

The report below has all the details of the specific changes to the show and the affects on tickets for Hamilton, but the summary is that the Broadway version of the show will now have much better ticket availability going forward. The party for ticket brokers is now over as prices to the show are already 60% less than previous. Many ticket broker tickets are now available for $250. The lottery and cancellation tickets will also be less subscribed and more tickets available. Tickets for nine months in advance are also becoming more available at face value, with a release of tickets every day for nine months in advance at the box office. If the New York show gets hot again, the Chicago and London shows may be a better option for both price and availability, given they are larger theatres and will dilute the brand enough to make a difference. Cancellation and SRO tickets are readily available every day at the Broadway version, but the wait can be long. See the full report below for the full details:

Face-Value Hamilton Tickets From Box Office   Ticket Broker Tickets

Buying a Face-Value Hamilton Ticket Nine Months in Advance From The Box Office

Hamilton tickets often sell for their regular price (face value), nine months in advance at the box office. The regular seats are priced at just $139 and premium seats start at $549. These tickets are often never seen on the Ticketmaster website and are often bought from the box office in person at the Richard Rodgers Theatre 226 West 46th Street New York, NY 10019 . Ticketmaster tends to have secondary-market tickets from its ticket brokerage, TicketsNow, which often runs at 3-4 times the face value of tickets. If the box office does not have any face-value tickets available, they will let you know what the next day is when they will have them available.

There will often be a line of people waiting for those tickets to be sold at that allotted time. Expect to get to the box office at least five hours ahead of the announced time. Remember, these are tickets for nine months in the future, and you will be there with all the ticket brokers and their runners buying up whatever ticket inventory they possibly can. Nine months in advance face value tickets can most often be found at the box office, but sometimes will appear here Face Value Hamilton Tickets on Ticketmaster.

Buy Hamilton Tickets From The Official Ticket Broker. Be Prepared To Pay $$$$

For corporations and corporate employees, using the official Hamilton ticket broker may not be the worst thing in the world- especially after a flurry of fake tickets being sold on Stubhub. Ticketmaster's ticket brokerage has never had a fake ticket - the last thing a corporation needs is to have a client turned away at the theatre because of a fake ticket, which would be very damaging to the business relationship. The official Ticketmaster ticket broker is flush with tickets to every Hamilton performance and prices can be as low as just two times the face value or as high as ten times face value. The official ticket broker for Hamilton is Ticketmaster and tickets can be found at:
Ticket Broker Tickets For Hamilton on Broadway
Hamilton Lottery Tickets   Hamilton Ticket Lottery   Hamilton Ticket Lottery

Online Lottery Tickets For $10

The online lottery may be the most popular method of getting a discount ticket to Hamilton, but it is also the least successful. With over 25,000 people applying for the online ticket lottery each and every day, there are only 46 tickets given out for $10, so the odds of winning this lottery are at the very best 800:1 – not very strong odds at all.

The Hamilton ticket lottery is our least favorite option for tickets as anyone will always lose an oversubscribed lottery. The odds were much better when the lottery was in-person, on the street, before the theatrre neighbors and the NYPD forced it to go online. By going online, it opened up the ticket lottery to thousands of working people, who can enter enter the lottery as many times as they can, from work. The 46 seats given out are for the front row and some other less-than-stellar seats. You only have to pay for the lottery if you win.

Upon Lin-Manuel Miranda’s exit from the show more tickets were made available, since Miranda made the show what it is.
As of January 31, 2017, instead of 21 lottery tickets for each show, there will be 46 tickets given out at every ticket lottery. New information from NY State indicates that well over 100,000 people per day enter the online lottery on peak days, making the opportunity of winning the Hamilton ticket lottery very small.

To enter the Hamilton Ticket Lottery Click Here

In-Person Lottery Tickets For $10

The in-person Hamilton ticket lottery used to be performed on the Wednesday matinee shows, is no longer a regular event. Wednesday was chosen to avoid the large crowd in front of the Richard Rodgers Theatre, which can often get out-of-control, but it finally got too much even then. They ended the in-person lottery with Lin-Manuel Miranda's exit from the show in July 2016

The in-person lottery is now performed ad-hoc and is often performed around holidays and special events. The number of lottery entries is not as large as the online ticket lottery, usually about 500 - 800 people, but the odds of winning are still not stellar. If you don’t win, the best part of the in-person lottery is the short performances Miranda sometimes puts on outside the theatre, which are called Ham4Ham, something you really cannot appreciate online, even though they often post them. The tickets given out are ten pairs of tickets and one single. The one single ticket has led to break-ups and even divorces
Hamilton Ticket Cancellation Line

Cancellation Tickets Line – Unsold House, Regular and Premium Seats

At the Richard Rodgers theatre there is a cancellation ticket line. Although they are called “cancellation tickets,” the reality is that most of the tickets sold on this line are unsold “house seats” that were not given or sold to members of the press or Broadway theatre industry professionals. These tickets are sold to people who wait on the line and are sold for $177. The same is true of any unsold regular tickets, but they are much rarer, given that people are far less likely to cancel their regular tickets for this show given its popularity. Although when a main star calls in sick or has a scheduled day-off, a few people will ask for a refund. Unsold premium tickets are also offered to people on line during the day for $477, but are mostly declined and they usually end up in the hands of a ticket broker who can sell it on for more to hotel concierges. Each day, about 10-16 premium tickets (these are the best seats in the theatre) are sold this way. Somewhere between 2 hours to 5 minutes prior to the performance, people who wait on the cancellation line are offered the unsold house and unsold regular tickets. Some people often wait on the line for as long as 28 hours to be at the front, but at other times the line can be as short as 4 hours. Professional services exist that will wait on this line for you, and they charge $20 per hour. Some craigslist people, usually theatre students, will often do it for less.

Cancellation Tickets Line – Unclaimed Lottery and Standing Room Only (SRO) Tickets

Some unclaimed lottery tickets turn up at the cancellation ticket line for $167. This is when people win the online lottery, pay $10 for each ticket and do not turn up to collect them. People who wait on the “cancellation tickets” line and were unsuccessful are often offered Standing Room Only tickets for $40. Each day, there are up to 21 of these tickets up for grabs (sometimes less if industry buys these tickets). The sales of SRO tickets allow the show to operate at 101.55% of its capacity. This is a dilemma for people who have already waited over 24 hours to just buy the SRO tickets. Instead, they will often choose to stay on the line – extending their stay to 48 hours (or less if the following day has a matinee) – in order to get better seats for the following day. People who have been on the line for less time will usually go for these SRO tickets, as long as they have the physical ability to stand for the whole show, sometimes getting an unclaimed seat if an usher puts them there.
Hamilton in Chicago   Hamilton in Chicago

Fixed Hamilton Show In Chicago

As part of its planned takeover of the world, the permanent (sit-down) version of Hamilton in Chicago started selling tickets on Ticketmaster on June 21, 2016 at 10AM (11AM EST). The Hamilton In Chicago show is scheduled to open on September 27, 2016 and will perform between 8 and 9 shows weekly. This show is currently selling as far as 199 shows in advance; in comparison, the Hamilton in New York show is currently selling as far as 370 shows in advance. The Chicago Hamilton will be unseating The Book Of Mormon out of the PrivateBank Theatre at 18 West Monroe, Chicago, IL. It is unclear if Lin-Manuel Miranda will be involved with the Chicago show in any way, but #HAMILFANS will be sure to buy tickets anyway. The theatre is considerably larger at 1800 seats, compared to its New York brethren at just 1400 seats.  The PrivateBank Theatre in Chicago is comparable to the Lyric Theatre in NYC, with many more seats available, but this also comes with some poor sight lines and increased nosebleed sections.

Ticket brokers are expected to be less interested in manipulating this out-of-town market, and although the face-value tickets are expected to be the same price as they are in New York, demand will not be as insane, allowing fans to actually get to see the show without having to pay thousands of dollars for tickets. A ticket-buying feeding frenzy was experienced on Tuesday, June 21, 2016 and Ticketmaster's servers were unable to deal with the expected increased traffic.

Fixed Hamilton show in London - Opens in October 2017

Something akin to shipping tea to China, or even a reverse revolutionary war, Lin-Manuel Miranda will be shipping Hamilton to London and the show is set for an October 2017 opening. Hamilton in London will be managed by Cameron Mackintosh and will take up residency at London’s Victoria Palace Theatre, which was vacated by Billy Elliot (which ran from 2005 to 2016) Tickets will go on sale in October 2016, a full calendar year before the show actually opens. Fans can sign up to get notified about tickets at Hamilton The Musical London. Prices are in line with the Broadway production, and Lin-Manuel Miranda has expressed interest in being in the cast – but it is still early days, and Miranda’s intentions could change, especially once he tries the terrible food there.
Hamilton on Tour   Spamilton Tickets

Hamilton Touring Show

The touring Hamilton show is booked for the following theatres across the US and the ticket pricing is significantly less than its NYC counterpart.
Ticket broker interest in the touring show is also down, so ticket prices will be more stable than the NYC pricing that has been experienced so far.

Forget Hamilton, Go To Spamilton!

Don’t miss SPAMILTON, the hilarious NY Times Critics’ Pick that Ben Brantley hails “CONVULSIVELY FUNNY!”

From Gerard Alessandrini, the mastermind behind the legendary Forbidden Broadway, comes a hilarious new musical that roasts, eviscerates and celebrates Lin-Manuel Miranda’s megahit Broadway musical HAMILTON. The Huffington Post raves “You don’t have to see HAMILTON to have side-splitting fun at SPAMILTON!”

The $65 ticket prices on Spamilton Tickets are often 25 times cheaper than Hamilton.

But this show is not only a send-up of Hamilton. It is interspersed with outrageous references to Gypsy, Chicago, The King And I, Assassins, Camelot and Sweeney Todd. Not only is Lin-Manuel Miranda and the stars of the original cast of Hamilton comically eviscerated, but they are joined by caricatures of living Broadway legends as well.
MAR 10 – AUG 5, 2017


AUG 11 - DEC 30, 2017



ST. LOUIS, MO 2017-2018 SEASON
TEMPE, AZ 2017-2018 SEASON
Stubhub Secondary Tickets   Fake Hamilton Tickets

Buy Secondary Tickets From Ticket Brokers on Stubhub

One of the great things about Stubhub is that it is a free market website where ticket brokers can charge as much and as little as they like for tickets. Unlike Ticketmaster where prices are controlled, Stubhub adopts the free-market mentality where tickets can organically find their natural pricing through the supply and demand process. Obviously, this site is not very good when prices are high, but ticket brokers will often drop their prices on the day of the show making it a boon for last minute Hamilton shoppers.

Click here to see the Stubhub offerings for Hamilton


Fake Hamilton Tickets Are Still Being Bought by Unsuspecting Tourists From Craigslist

With Anthony Huger now out of commission (Huger was arrested for allegedly selling a stack of fake Hamilton tickets on Craigslist and then on local street corners) and with the corresponding amount of media coverage and police activity about fake tickets, it is still surprising that many out-of-town ticket buyers are still buying fake Hamilton tickets on street corners and getting to the theatre only to find out that they are fake.

In June 2016, another USA Today news story reported that a real-estate agent from Philadelphia got tricked by a ticket seller on Craigslist into buying 4 tickets for $1,000. Before entering the Richard Rodgers Theatre, he was turned away for having fake tickets. People’s desperation to see Hamilton is overtaking their commonsense, no matter where they come from or how much money they have. Stubhub has also been selling fake tickets, although Stubhub guarantees your money back, it doesn't compensate for the time and embarrassment that a client or employee may endure at the Richard Rodgers Theatre when they turn you away for having a fake ticket.
Fred Santore Jr.   Chris Sacca   Michael Kay

Famous People Who Have Recently Bought Fake Hamilton Tickets

Fred Santore Jr. is the box office treasurer at the Richard Rodgers Theater, where Hamilton is playing and he has been seeing an alarming rate of fake tickets turning up at the theatre every night. It turns out that It's not just hundreds of regular folk who have been buying up fake Hamilton tickets, many celebrities have also been saddled with getting to the theatre and finding out their tickets were fake. Some fake Hamilton tickets were even bought on Stubhub, a website that tries to have a reputation of being somewhat trustworthy, but even they have been caught selling fake tickets. In the celebrity world, it seems only B- List and C-list celebrities have this problem, as A-List celebrities can just call up the the show producer and buy tickets at face value, directly from the show.

May 22, 2016 - Chris Sacca

The NY Post reports that tech billionaire (and frequent Shark Tank guest) Chris Sacca bought counterfeit Hamilton tickets from Stubhub and allegedly blew a gasket with his gal-pal at the Richard Rodgers Theatre when he was told they were fake. Although Stubhub guarantees refunds for fake tickets, it is unable to fix the damage done to a celebrities ego and their overall brand when they are turned away in front of 1400 other Broadway show patrons. This can be very embarrassing, if not demeaning, something that filthy-rich celebrities are often unable to cope with, which could explain Sacca's alleged meltdown.

Feb 14, 2016 - Michael Kay

Yankees commentator and TV host, Michael Kay, reported on his twitter account about his experience of buying two fake tickets to Hamilton. He paid $800 a piece for the 2016 Valentines day performance of the show and the tickets turned out to be fake at the door. Kay met the man on Craigslist and then purchased the tickets from him on a street corner near the theatre. The Craigslist web site provides no degree of credibility or feedback about a ticket seller or the legitimacy of the tickets, so it is still buyer beware out there.

Other Celebrities

A number of other celebrities were rumored to have bought fake Hamilton tickets including Charlamagne Tha God, Lil' Yachty, Cardi B, Dr. Phil and Jerry Springer - although none of their PR reps would confirm or deny this. Lets face it, it's pretty embarrassing to admit.

With both Stubhub and Craigslist both allegedly selling fake Hamilton tickets on multiple occasions, the only reliable source of Hamilton tickets is still the official ticket source: Ticketmaster