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VPN Configuration Information

How to setup a remote access session to work with our benefit service

VPN "Force Tunnel" or "Tunnel All Traffic" Information

As more companies use a VPN for their remote users to allow them to connect back to their office or organization as if they were a normal workstation connected to their network, it has become clear that there are some key VPN settings that must be applied to get the full level of security. One of those settings is the "Tunnel All Traffic" or "Force Tunnel" mode.

This setting forces ALL network traffic from the remote users to go back through the main company VPN rather than just the "corporate only" traffic. The alternative "Split Tunnelling" mode allows just corporate traffic through the VPN and everything else is allowed to surf the internet. It is the uncontrolled mode of "Split Tunneling" that results in the PC being "at risk" and with a higher possibility of becoming infected with a litany of other security vulnerabilities and threats available on the internet.

Once a machine in the "split tunneling" mode has become infected, it can then infect the corporate network - so it is very important to use "Tunnel All Traffic" for all VPN users. This mode also allows access to, because we need to see that the computer is connected in some way to the corporate network. "Split Tunneling" destroys that connection, "Tunnel all Traffic" provides that connectivity.

Split Tunneling

How To Configure Your VPN Client

Each VPN client and provider has a different way of allowing the user to change the setting, most are in the VPN configuration settings (right hand mouse click on the VPN icon), some are on a settings tab, a very few require you to modify the a text based configuration file. Some VPN solutions do not allow the user to change the setting at all - only allowing the network administrator to make this change.
If this setting does not appear for you on your VPN configuration, then its time to call the network administrator and ask them to make the change, and improve their (and your) overall security. After you switch your VPN client to "Tunnel All Traffic" or "Force Tunnel" mode make sure to stop and then restart your VPN session, and the new setting should start working immediately.

Which VPN Clients is This Article Pertinent To?

We have tested over 50 different VPN clients including:

  • Cisco
  • Juniper
  • Bay Networks
  • Nortel
  • Barracuda
  • OpenVPN
  • StrongVPN
  • CyberRoam

All these VPN clients are able to be configured in a "Force Tunnel" mode. Please speak with your IT support personnel if it is hard to find your VPN client configuration settings.