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Entertainment Benefits Group EBG

The Corporate And Retail Programs At Entertainment Benefits Group

Entertainment Benefits Group

Entertainment Benefits Group is a privately owned travel and entertainment company headed by Brett Reizen and is not associated with

Entertainment Benefits Group (EBG) is headquartered in Miami, FL, but also has offices in Orlando, New York, and Las Vegas. EBG has divisions that include both corporate and retail discount programs. Its corporate employee discount program divisions consist of various ticket solutions and brands in the entertainment industry. Among them are the most popular brands: Plum Benefits, Tickets at Work, and Working Advantage.

EBG's retail discount programs include,, Best of Vegas and Best of Orlando. These divisions provide discount offers to different markets and geographic locations in the top 5 cities: New York, Orlando, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Entertainment Benefits Group Locations
Miami Office
19495 Biscayne Blvd.
Aventura, FL 33180
40 Employees
Orlando Office
5551 Vanguard Street
Orlando, FL 32819
75 Employees
Las Vegas Office
1421 E Sunset Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89119
32 Employees
New York Office
520 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10018
25 Employees

Entertainment Benefits Group

Entertainment Benefits Group Divisions, Brands and Associated Markets

Corporate Employee Discounts

Entertainment Benefits Group EBG administers corporate programs for travel and entertainment to various markets across the United States. These programs enable clients to retain employee discounts and special offers to various attractions and events. EBG's employee discount programs include the brands: Tickets at Work, Plum Benefits, and Working Advantage. Entertainment Benefits Groups' corporate brands offer similar products, albeit with a slightly different looking interface. It is EBG’s plan to phase out the Plum Benefits and Working Advantage brands and just use Tickets at Work for all new clients going forward. Although these employee discount programs seem attractive, they provide a redundant amount of discount offers, making it difficult to satisfy the needs of a niche market.

Plum Benefits
Formed in NYC in 1995 and formerly owned and operated by Shara Mendelson, Plum Benefits was sold to The Shubert organization in 2006. Plum Benefits then became an acquisition coup for Brett Reizen’s EBG group when he brought them into the EBG family. Plum Benefits had specialized in Broadway show tickets in the NYC area, an area that Reizen wanted to move into. The acquisition was obtained by providing the new owners, The Shubert Organization, with stock instead of cash for the purchase of Plum. EBG continues to maintain this brand to keep former its customers happy, but will be sunsetting the brand in due course.

Tickets at Work
Tickets At Work was founded in 2001 in Florida. The company originally provided employee discount programs to local companies and organizations. Tickets at Work forged early partnerships with Walt Disney World, and Universal Orlando Resort which helped the brand gain recognition. EBG decided to merge Tickets At Work with Plum Benefits in 2014. The move effectively doubled the company’s client roster overnight as Plum Benefits was re branded “Plum Benefits powered by Tickets At Work”.

Working Advantage
Founded in 1995 as Corporate Movie Club, the company originally focused on movie tickets and movie rental discounts. Corporate Movie Club re branded as Working Advantage in 2001 to better reflect the needs of corporate employees. EBG announced that it had acquired Working Advantage in 2015 in hopes of increasing distribution of products and the opportunities to reach a larger corporate audience.

EBG popular brands

Other Entertainment Benefits Group Program Divisions

Retail Employee Discount Programs
Aside from their corporate programs Plum Benefits, Tickets at Work, and Working Advantage, EBG also owns divisions in the retail space. These programs include Show Tickets, Member Deals, Best of Vegas, and Best of Orlando. Although less popular, the retail programs offer similar discounts as the employee discount programs but on a much smaller, fixed scale. is based in Las Vegas but provides discounts to attractions in Orlando, and New York City. The program claims to provide exclusive discounts and suggestions to the best shows on the Las Vegas Strip provides a members only service to select groups and associations. This corporate benefits program also offers discounts to entertainment and travel.

Best of Vegas
Best of Vegas offers special discounts to local attractions in Las Vegas, NV. The Program claims competitive rates on show tickets, tours attractions, and hotels in their destination city. Their team of experts focus on niche markets to provide the best discounts and exclusive offers to employees and tourists.

Best of Orlando
Much like Best Of Vegas, Best of Orlando specializes on local discounts in Orlando, FL. Best of Orlando aims to provide visitors with pleasant, efficient, and cost-effective means of booking hotel accommodations, theme park, and show tickets. With roughly 6 million admissions booked annually, and over 4,000 distribution partners, and EBG have mastered a cost-effective performance based model.
EBG other Brands

Is Entertainment Benefits Group The Right Choice?

EBG has become a notable company in the employee discount program and retail entertainment industries. The company, has hundreds of employees and various program divisions in Miami, Orlando,New York and Las Vegas. Many HR managers are quick to incorporate EBG into their benefits package hoping that their employees will benefit from the countless offers. However, it is important to note that If not implemented correctly, the program can fail for various reasons. The "less is more" approach often leads to the greatest success when it comes to employee discount programs.

Due to its array of over 10,000 products and offers, the programs at EBG may encourage browsing and shopping at work. Their products can also overwhelm employees who are looking for tickets in a timely manner. HR managers should select a handful of products and services that make sense to their employees, such as offers to local attractions. It is important to incorporate programs that will meet the wants and needs of the employees, rather than an excessive amount of offers.
Is EBG the right choice?