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Avaya Employee Discount Offers and Perks Program

Avaya Employee BenefitsAccess To Corporate Offers Has Now Been Blocked by Avaya Management

Avaya employees would normally have access to the free discount program available from Corporate Offers at no charge, but the new U.S. Benefits Manager at Avaya, Allison Barrett-Smith (who joined the firm in April 2016) has decided that employees should not use this free service and they should use instead a competing "pay" service of her choice, namely Beneplace. The downside of the Beneplace service is that it may be lacking in offers in many areas, it may also encourage "shopping at work" and does not provide sufficient offers in the NYC area for employees located on the East Coast, something that companies headquartered on the West Coast often overlook. It also means that an exclusivity contract struck between Avaya and Beneplace can stifle competition, which we believe is an unfair practice, especially given that this is a free service. Blocking employees access to Corporate Offers is somewhat akin to demanding employees use the Yahoo search, when Google is clearly better, but then banning Google on the firewall to force your employees to use Yahoo. These kinds of actions forment hostility in the workforce and hark back to the old way of delivering services to your employees, by force feeding them.

Barrett-Smith has indicated that any employees who have already signed up for the free Corporate Offers service, should no longer receive a monthly email, because Ms Barrett-Smith wants them to only be aware of the service that she has provided. No competing services are allowed under her watch. Barrett-Smith has also created a website block page that states the is either not in accordance with Domestic or International law, security policy or Avaya values. None of those accusations have been substantiated and are without merit.

Corporate Offers had previously worked with Laurie Wells, the former U.S. Benefits Manager at Avaya Inc for 20 years, who valued our commitment to quality and our hands-off approach of not overburdening Avaya employees with too many emails - limiting it to just one email per month. Sadly Wells retired in October 2016 to Wilmington, Ohio and the role was filled with Barret-Smith.

If employees feel that the Barrett-Smith decision is a mistake, the contact details of the involved parties are below:

Allison Barrett-Smith at AvayaAllison Barrett-Smith

U.S. Benefits Manager at Avaya Inc.
Avaya Inc.
4655 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Tel: 669.242.8054

New York Area Avaya Offices:

Avaya is a global provider of business collaboration and communications solutions, providing unified communications, contact centers, networking and related services to companies of all sizes around the world. The main office is located in Santa Clara, CA and the New Jersey and New York offices are just for sales and system support.

Avaya NJ Location:
211 Mount Airy Road
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920
Tel: 908.953.6000

Avaya NYC Location:
Two Penn Plaza - 7th floor
New York, NY 10121

Avaya Head Office:

4655 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Tel: 1 866 462 8292

Limited Employee Access To Corporate Benefits:

Hundreds of Avaya employees have already signed up for the free Corporate Offers service, but in an unprecedented move, the Avaya officers above have decided that Corporate Offers no longer offer their service to employees. This means that Avaya employees are effectively completely cut-off from using the popular Corporate Offers free service, which employees have come to use and love. We think that this move appears to be the old way of running an HR Benefits department, where HR dictates to employees what they will have as their voluntary benefits, opposed to actually asking the employees what they would like and letting them vote with their feet.

If Avaya employees feel that this decision is wrong and they would like access to restored they should contact the Avaya HR representatives above to voice their opinion. Other similar telecommunication companies that do allow their employees freedom to access Corporate Offers include; Cisco Systems. Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia Solutions. Current employees could consider these as alternative employers.

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