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Information For Human Resource Professionals

Everything That a Human Resource Professional Needs to Know About Us


Why are you called Corporate Offers?
We are a leading provider of rewards and loyalty programs to over 15,000 corporations, businesses and approved institutions across America. We deliver exclusive offers, events and retail opportunities to over 250,000 employees of Americas largest corporations, without reducing the products value on the regular retail market. Its about special offers for special people, with no offer leakage.
From the HR Perspective, we help HR professionals to boost employee morale and connect their employees with top- quality entertainment offers.

How Do You Make Your Money?
We are paid by the producers of the entertainment events and that is why we are free to your company.  Your direct distribution of our entertainment offers to your employees keeps our service free for your company and eliminates work for you.

Are there any other ways I can use this service at my company?
There are many ways that you can use Corporate Offers at your company. Different types of employees use our service in different ways! Everyone takes advantage of Corporate Offers for their personal use (holidays, gift giving, just a night out) or to plan a unique office outing. Executives with a keen eye on their bottom lines use our offers entertain their clients with the best seats to the hottest events. Sales Teams save money when purchasing tickets for sales incentives. And Managers use Corporate Offers offers to purchase tickets to recognize top employees.

Can I sign up as an individual?
Corporate Offers benefit service provides unique entertainment offers exclusively to corporations.  We currently do not provide our service directly to individual customers. If you are interested in signing up for our service, please click here so that you and all of your colleagues can benefit from our entertainment offers!

Why can't I use my AOL, Rocketmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or GMail email address?
In addition to the fact that our web site is set up to recognize only corporate access from participating companies, successful delivery of our communications can be ensured only when they are sent to a corporate email account.  Therefore, we can not accept any clients with a personal email address (aol, hotmail etc), even if it is used as the primary business account.

Who are some of your other clients? 
Our clients span a very broad spectrum of industries and sizes.  Some participating companies include Empire BlueCross BlueShield, Cablevision, DDB Needham, the Whitney Art Museum, Leafstone Staffing Services and nearly 25,000 more!

Is there a charge for the service?
Corporate Offers does not charge a fee to participating companies. Your direct distribution of our entertainment offers to your employees keeps our service free for your company!

What is your privacy policy?
Worried about giving out your personal information? Corporate Offers will not rent, sell or share your information with other unaffiliated parties. To learn more about our privacy policy, click here

When Will I Receive Communications?
You should expect to receive an email announcing new events and offers at least once each month.  It is  important that you forward this email to your employees so that they can take advantage of their benefits.  We will send you additional communications throughout the month that you can forward to your employees as appropriate to ensure that they are getting the most out of our service.   New York metropolitan area companies will receive the Discount Entertainment Guide at the beginning of every month and The Access Entertainment Guide one week later.  Here is a calendar of when you can expect to receive the updates.

Why Distribute?
There are many reasons why you should directly distribute our emails to your employees:
  1. We add new offers and events regularly
  2. It will eliminate work for you (because your employees will have all the information they need to take advantage of the service)
  3. Your commitment to distribution keeps our service cost-free for your company
Can I link our Company Intranet to the Corporate Offers Web site?
Yes you can. Text copy and the logos for use on your website can be found Click Here


What types of offers can I expect? 
Some of our offers enable you to save up to 50% off a variety of entertainment events each month. These offers are typically good for the best available seats (for example, orchestra seats for a play or musical).  The actual discounts vary by event, time, and date, but you can use our unique searching tool to locate just the event you want.  Other offers provide you with added-value opportunities, priority seating, and/or access to the hardest-to-get tickets in town. The actual offers vary, so take advantage of our online Advanced Search tool to find what you are looking for!

How many offers do you get a month?
We offers a wide variety of events each month.  As we grow we make new and requested offers available -- so remember to check the site often!

How long are offers good?
The terms of each offer are different.  If you would like to search for events that are scheduled to take place during a specific date range, simply click here to access our Advanced Search option.

Where are the seats located?
Our discount offers are typically good on the same seats that you would get if you were to order tickets at full price. The earlier you buy – the better your seats!   The seat locations for our regular and premium price ticket offers are often better than those you would be able to get if you were to order on your own.

When are your offers updated?
Our entertainment offers are updated at least once per month, sometimes more often.  We highly recommend that you check the site often for updates to ensure that you don't miss out on the latest offers.

What if I want an event that you don't have?
Our offers change monthly if not more often, and there is a good chance that we will have your requested event in the future.
Simply click here and fill out the information. We will follow up with you if and when your event is available.

How do I order tickets?
  1. Choose the event that you would like to attend.
  2. The selected show's description contains all you need to order: a link to online ordering, a phone number, and an offer code.  Either call the phone number or click on the link and use the offer code to purchase tickets.  (Or, bring a printed out copy of the Guide to the Box Office and avoid phone ordering fees.)
  3. Your tickets can be mailed to you or left at the Box Office to be picked up at the event.  To save on mailing fees, opt to pick the tickets up -just remember to bring a photo ID and the credit card you used to purchase the tickets for verification!

Why do I need to register?
Corporate Offers entertainment offers are exclusively for employees of our corporate clients. Registration is necessary for anyone to access these offers in order to protect this exclusivity.

Why can't I use my personal email address?
Corporate Offers is a benefit service exclusively for corporate employees. Maintaining this corporate exclusivity allows us to bring you unique offers. Your email address is a unique identifier indicating your corporate affiliation.

I forgot my user name and password. Can you send it to me?
Oh really ? Well we dont use usernames and password - thats so 1980's - our advanced technology is able to determine who you work for and where you are based, without you having to lift a finger - It all works on a special technology called ........magic !

How do my employees access the entertainment offers on the website
All they need to do is surf to our site, the offers that have been appropriated to them will come up automatically

What happens if employees leave the company? Can they take their access with them?
Corporate Offers service is an exclusive corporate benefit. When an employee leaves your company, they will no longer be able to get access to the offers - Word to the wise - Be cool - Stay in School (Or in this case, your office)
We would be pleased to come to your office and setup our booth.
We provide free broadway show tickets in a raffle for your employees and announce the winner at the fair.
See Benefit Fair Videos for more information.

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